Borge & Overström

Adding a touch of class to technical literature

Client: Borge & Overström

Borge & Overström offer high-quality water coolers and hot & cold filtered drinking water units to workplaces across the UK and Europe. Brightsky designed a range of step-by-step technical guideline manuals to accompany each machine. Each manual was beautifully laid out with annotated illustrations and tables to instruct the user on how to assemble the unit. The manuals were also typeset in French and German.

The work you have produced for us has been absolutely astounding. I realise that the brief was/is extremely complex and from memory you agreed that it was quite a challenge you were taking on. All I can say is you have exceeded all expectations by a long way. Keep up the good work and we look forward to the final finished product. Glad to endorse you – one of the finest illustrators and graphics artists I have ever come across.

Bruce Francis

Marketing Executive, Borg & Overström

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